May 6, 2019

Estill Voice Training

What is Estill Voice Training?

Estill Voice Training (EVT) is a revolutionary system that helps add strength, clarity, and character to your voice through simple exercises. Based on the research of world-renowned voice scientist and educator Jo Estill, EVT turns natural, everyday vocal activities into ‘Figures’ (or exercises) that empower athletic control and artistic expression.

EVT promotes body awareness and mindfulness to give you the confidence that your voice will always be ready to respond to any challenge you may face in performance and daily life.

What are your vocal challenges?

  • At the end of my work shift my voice is tired
  • My voice is fatigued and I lose range after long rehearsals
  • After a night out with my friends, my voice is hoarse and weak
  • I’m losing my high notes as I get older
  • I’m an opera singer and want to belt without straining my voice
  • I need to change the color of my voice when singing different musical styles
  • EVT courses and teachers are dedicated to seeing you reach your personal vocal goals.

Benefits of Estill Voice Training

  • Replaces mystery with knowledge
  • Reduces performance anxiety and promotes confidence
  • Empowers students to make choices
  • Provides vocal variety for performance and daily living
  • Leads to a balance of vocal health and aesthetic freedom

Jo Estill separated voice training into three disciplines:


Craft encompasses everything the voice is capable of. This stage is all about learning the structures that contribute to sound and feeling and gaining conscious control of them.


Artistry deals with how you apply these elements to your communications, be it a dramatic performance, musical endeavor, sales presentation, lecture, or customer service call. 

Performance Magic

Performance Magic is the experience of becoming one with your audience; the rare, breath-taking moments when you feel truly connected and understood.

EVT concentrates on Craft as the foundation for every vocal task. The voice you use to sing is the same voice that chats with friends and shouts for joy. When you master the basic movements of healthy vocal function, you unlock endless possibilities for Artistry and opportunities for Performance Magic!