Are Singing Lesson Worth It?

Singing Lessons

Are Singing Lessons Worth It?

Specialists say singing lessons are worth it if you find the right teacher. “You learn during singing lessons how to teach yourself,” said Dr. Robert Merrill, professor of music at Columbia University and adviser to The Metropolitan Opera Chorus.

Some singers find success after a few years of study; others take up to 20 years or never master the skills that they wish to achieve. Even though the coaching they receive it world-class.

This can be because of the manner in which they practise; how their brain and body interact and therefore (to some extent) their learning style.

This is where a good teacher comes in.

There are also other non-physical reasons for why some people get better results than others. The student’s motivation being one of them, and life circumstances another.

Learning how to sing well can also be more demanding mentally than it is physically. This may account for why there are so many impatient singers out there with unrealistic expectations!  There are no short cuts, unfortunately.

But if you want to know whether singing lessons are worth it overall then perhaps I should ask yourself this:

What is your motivation?

If you want to conquer some deeply-rooted issues that might be holding you back or do something like join an a cappella group on campus at college or university and perform regularly, work on solo repertoire for auditions, or creating your own cabaret.

Some people just want to sing for the pleasure of it!

Don’t take it too seriously, but do want to learn how to improve. Singing is something they’ve always done for fun and they just want a little more out of it—a boost if you will. Others are starting out as singers in church choirs or with local groups where performance is not involved, and they’re simply looking to join in well.

If your motivation falls into the first two categories, then singing lessons can be worth the investment because learning how to sing will give you the tools needed to produce better results. Singing classes may also help you overcome shyness or other issues that might be holding you back from achieving your goals outside of music. The best coaches and teachers design custom programs based on an individual student’s needs. They don’t just teach a fixed routine, but tailor the exercises & learning experience to you.

If you’re looking to invest in yourself and your voice, then doing a consultation session with a coach or a trial session is really worth it, in order to work out if the two of you are a good fit.

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