May 5, 2019

Perfect your Accent with Expert Coaching

Your accent is one of the things that makes you who you are, it’s part of your identity. Sometimes you need to be identified in a different way for work or life…that’s when you need Accent Coaching

Have you never wanted to change your accent? Be more easily understood when speaking? Say things only once rather than having to repeat them?

Then you need to keep reading

Working on your accent can be about gaining access to greater opportunities in work & life. Many of my clients have noticed huge improvements during our time working together, so much that their clients are noticing the difference!

1:1 coaching (in person or online) is always about you and your voice. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach, as it takes time for your body to understand how to speak in a different way. Because of this, learning an accent can take some months to perfect, it’s not an overnight thing. Although it can be hard work, it’s extremely fulfilling!

Is Accent Coaching For You?

Are any of these true:

– Speak English fluently
– Have a non-native English speaking accent
– Work in English, but have difficulty being understood
– Have a non-native British Speaking accent you want to change
– Want to sound more English when you speak for any reason
– Have a native British accent you want to change

How does Accent Coaching work?


The most important thing is to become aware. If you don’t know you’re doing it, how can you change it?
Through a series of speaking and reading exercises, we work together to build a picture of what you are doing when you speak, what your habits are (both wanted and unwanted) when communication.

Vowels and Consonants

Spoken English has 26 vowel and 24 consonant sounds.
Some of these you will already know and use perfectly! However, you can’t learn all of the sounds you need to adjust in one go. We work in the best way for you, whether that’s learning style, speed or intensity.

Stress and Intonation

Also including tune (melody) are collectively known as prosody.
These factors are hugely important in changing your accent and sounding authentic.

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